Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft

Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft

Sea-Doo has been an industry leader in the personal watercraft world for more than 25 years now but who’s counting? The commitment remains the same as it did when they first began their journey and that’s to provide the ultimate fun-filled experience on the water. Exceeding customer expectations has always been the top priority for Sea-Doo and they continue to outdo themselves year after year. If you’re not quite sure where to start when shopping for a new Sea-Doo, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to provide the basics on each model.

The Sport Center in Cullman, AL is your personal watercraft destination for all things Sea-Doo. We carry the full line and are happy to assist you in finding the model that’s right for you. Whether you’re gearing up for summer with your existing personal watercraft or in the market for a new Sea-Doo, The Sport Center is here for all your sales and service needs so stop by today!

Featured Models:


Luxury, Stylish and Comfortable

When you’re looking for the model that’s packed with all the best features and you won’t settle for anything less, a Sea-Doo Luxury is the way to go. The Luxury can hold three riders, has the largest swim platform yet, and features an optional BlueTooth Audio System so you can jam to your favorite tunes while you ride


Performance, Powerful and Precise

Sea-Doo Performance offers an unmatched level of power and precision so you’ll always be in control. Many of these models have some pretty impressive features like a revolutionary lightweight platform, Intelligent brake and reverse, a closed-loop cooling system, and even an anti-theft security system!

Rec Lite

Rec Lite, Playful and Compact

If compact and affordable is the name of your game, it’s time to have a look at the Sea-Doo Rec Lite. The models in this category offer various options like either two or three-rider capacity, your choice of three colors and over 25 graphic kits. The Rec Lite is sleek but tough so it can handle a beating on the water.


Recreation, Versatile and Nimble

Sea-Doo knows that riding a personal watercraft can be a fun experience for the whole family and that’s why they offer the Recreation model. Features include a three rider capacity, 31 gallons of storage, wide-angle mirrors, a reboarding ladder, iControl learning key, and so much more. Better yet, it’s extremely affordable.


Tow Sports

Tow Sports, Active and Bold

Those who are looking to ride hard on the water need to check out the Sea-Doo Tow Sports models. These are one-of-a-kind machines that are built for use in tow sport. You’ll be able to tear up the wake even more than usual in this personal watercraft. Enjoy the removable wakeboard rack, cruise control, slow mode, and more.